We are proud of the breadth of experience, knowledge and skills our people bring to the workplace. The rich variety of backgrounds and perspectives of our skilled employees give Holmes Care Group the range of expertise required to provide the highest standards of care.

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Paula - Service Manager

It’s 08.30am and I’ve just arrived at work, I am greeted at the door by one of the residents who sits in the foyer every morning and says good morning to me. I normally make her a cup of tea whilst I am making myself a coffee. This is just the start of my busy day.

No two days are the same, every day brings a different set of challenges and opportunities as someone new, with a whole different set of individual needs, seeks our help and support. I love the variety this brings and the ability to make a difference.


I drop my bags into the office and here my day begins. Staff come to see me to discuss any issues with their shift and then I walk around the home to complete my morning round.

I then catch up on emails that I have received since I left the day before and plan any reports or audits that might need to be completed.

I hold a morning flash meeting at 10.00 am with all of the departments within the home so that I am able to provide an overview of what is happening across the Group. This also gives staff members an opportunity to communicate any relevant information to all of the different teams.

I then have a call with the recruitment team where we plan the interviews for the coming week, the functions at head office provide brilliant support, which really helps to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Rest of the Day

I may have interviews and meetings or supervisions with employees throughout the day, or could be agreeing contracts, budgeting or reviewing care plans and risk assessments.

We spend so much time at work so I try to make each day as pleasant as possible; which is easy with such a great team behind me who enjoy what they do. Today we had a big birthday part for one of our residents who turned 100, the whole staff team made an effort, from making homemade cakes to providing entertainment.

Although my days are always busy I find my job very fulfilling, and I am immensely proud to do a job that I love with a company that cares.

Mandy - Care Assistant

My name is Mandy and I am a Care Assistant. I enjoy my job as its fits in with my home life and I feel that I can make a difference to the lives of the people that we support. I have two young children who are at school, but this job allows me both the satisfaction of working and caring for my family. 

I always knew I wanted to work in a role where I could help other people and I have now been a carer for 6 years; I have met some fantastic people and have learnt a great deal about people who live with dementia and how to best care for them.

My day

My work day begins at 8.00am – my morning usually involves helping the residents in a number of different ways; from assisting them to get out of bed, to washing and dressing them, preparing their breakfast and medication, and helping them to use the toilet. I feel so proud that residents trust me to help them with their private tasksI work with several other people including other Care Assistants, Domestic Assistants and Nurses. Throughout the day I try to deliver the best care and support that I can and always make sure that I note down any observations on the residents’ individual care plan; this ensures that my colleagues are fully aware of the care that has been given to each of them. When I started working in care this was one of the golden rules I had to learn – it helps me to do my job well, and the residentsI find that morning routine is important for our residents as it sets them up for the day ahead, and it is important that we get this right.The middle of the day is taken up by lunchtime. Lunchtime involves helping out with food and assisting residents with their food. In the late afternoon we serve Tea/ Dinner and this involves similar duties, anything from – food preparation to toileting/ catheter care.Some of our residents like to go to bed early so I will help them on my own or with another colleague if needed. The team within the home are very supportive, I have made some good friends and we frequently help each other as it can get very busy at times.I usually finish by 8.00pm, which is when the night shift starts and I carry out a 15 minute handover before the end of my day.


What qualities do you need to become a Care Assistant?

To become a good Care Assistant, you have to be compassionate, patient, thoughtful, calm, understanding, open minded, flexible and hard-working. However, I can promise you, nothing will give you greater satisfaction than to provide care and support to people that need it the most.

Helen - Nurse

Hi, my name is Helen and I am a Registered Nurse at Holmes Care Group.

I started working for Holmes Care Group in 2013 and it was my first role within a care home; prior to that I was working for the NHS. I must say that working in a care home in comparison to a hospital is very different, the environment and setting are distinct as are the systems.


Holmes Care Group has recently introduced a fantastic training module called the Virtual Dementia Tour which has given me a depth of understanding in relation to this condition that I never had before. It opened my eyes and helped me to grasp what our residents living with dementia experience on a daily basis. Caring for residents is the most rewarding aspect of my role, so I found this training invaluable in terms of the skills and knowledge I need to have, to provide the highest quality of care to the people we support.

I have completed other training sessions at Holmes Care Group including clinical training, Moving and Positioning People, Safeguarding, Adult Protection and much more. Training is a vital part of a nurse’s role and you always have to keep up with regular refresher sessions. All this has supported my re-validation folder. I will soon be attending training on Supervisions & Disciplinary Investigation which will allow me to develop my skills further.

My day

Day to day I work very closely with my residents, to manage medications and personal care. It is vital to know your residents and it is important that care plans are read thoroughly and updated as often as needed. This means that others caring for the resident know what has been happening throughout their day, for example;  what meals and drinks they have had, what medication they were  given, how they felt, whether they were in a good mood etc.

My duties include administering and managing medications and supervising care staff. I also offer support and guidance to the residents’ family members to ensure they are informed and knowledgeable about their relatives care within the home.

My day is never the same but I would not change this job for anything else as the reward of satisfaction is unmeasurable.

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Kind words from our residents and their families

Baytree Court

Baytree Court is a very relaxed home, pleasant staff and one of the nicest homes I visit, always get a smile. Service users seem happy.

Glenys Newbury - Health Care Community Worker

Almond View Care Home

To all the staff at Almond View - a big thank you for looking after Mum, with such kindness and dedication. Despite living 400 miles away, I always had a good feeling that she was in good hands. When I did visit, the staff without exception, stopped to chat to us even though they were extremely busy. Please accept my heart felt thank you to you all - a real credit to Almond View.


Bankview Care Home

Thank you for the excellent level of care that my father, Frank Boyle, has received. Bankview demonstrated for us the template for a care home and how it should feel and be run. Friendly, welcoming, excellent care levels, length of time staff remain loyal to the home and above all a clear and comforting atmosphere of great leadership.

Barbara and Jan

Social Work Department

Bankview Day care is welcoming and homely, meeting a wide range of needs with well trained staff and individual care for each client.

Bankview Day Care Centre

Bankview Day Care Centre

I understand why mum loves coming to Bank view Day-care it’s a home from home and the activities offered are excellent

J Campbell

Bankview Day Care Centre

The day care centre has made a huge difference to my life. Best thing I ever done, my week was boring now I have days out and shopping trips and good company.

R Burns

Baytree Court Care Home

We can not thank you enough for all the care, support and attention the staff at Baytree Court have given Marc. The staff have always given their time and support to us on visits which has meant a great deal.

Doreen and Yvonne

Beechwood Care Home

Both mum and I were most impressed with Beechwood and we have decided that is where we would like Dad to come to. You have put both mine and mum's minds at rest knowing that Dad will be looked after.

Thank You

Susan Gibson

K Macdonald in memory of my Aunt Jean

I can't exaggerate the admiration I have for the management and staff of Craigielea. I've never experienced so much patience, coaxing, kindness and care. These people share their lives and emotions, laugh and cry and mourn for the people who entrust themselves to care.

Craigielea Care Home

J Ellis in memory of Steve

The staff talked about my best friend being an inspiration to them, despite his illness It made me change my approach with him, instead of being despondent and sad, I spoke with him the way we had always been with each other. The staff saw him as a person.

Craigielea Care Home

Shelagh Goldie

My uncle, who is a retired GP, recently visited Dad on a trip over from Canada and commented that Craigielea is one of the best places he has ever seen in his experience of elderly care units. Very homely, calm, relaxing and wonderful staff. Keep up the fantastic work you do!


Cranham Court

I am writing to put on record how grateful, I and my family, are for the excellent care George received while in your care. He could not have had more or better care.  Please pass on to your staff our appreciation of their kindness, help and caring attention we all received.

From the greeting at my first visit,  I felt the genuine care and pride in their work shown by your staff.  I cannot praise too highly, all of your caring staff for their dedication. I thank you so much.  

Beryl Ford and Family

Cranham Court

My mother was placed in this home by Queen's Hospital, Romford, on Gold Standard End of Life care. Consequently, she was only there for a short period of six weeks. During that period she was kept safe, warm and clean and was treated kindly with respect. The patience of the nursing/support staff was outstanding. Everyone from Matron, Admin, Cleaning and Laundry staff was caring, considerate and obliging. True professionalism and quality of care. 

Tudy Cannin in memory of Mrs I M Haselgrove

Cranham Court

A lovely home with working professional angels. Cannot recommend this enough. My mother was really looked after and her needs were met. They cared, supported, listened and had empathy. The home has beautiful grounds, rooms lovely warm and cosy and always a welcoming helpful face around.Will always be grateful for everything they all did.

Grandholm Care Home

In all my visits I have been most impressed with the Care and Attention shown by all your staff, who are professional and courteous at all times. We are always welcomed with a friendly smile which makes us feel very much part of the home and being involved

J Barber

Grandholm Care Home

Please accept my sincere congratulations for performance and efficiency of Grandholm Care Home. The home provides a very professional, caring and motivational environment with an abundance of patience and understanding. The home is a credit to your team and one of the best in Aberdeen.

I McCormack

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