Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gap Statement – Holmes Care Group

Holmes Care Group Ltd is committed to the principles of equal pay for all of our employees. We aim to eliminate any gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and understand that equal pay between males and females is a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, Public Sector Equality Duty andEuropean law.

Based on the mean (average) hourly rate of pay for male and female employees in the relevant pay period, the current mean gender pay gap at Homes Care Group is 11.39% which is based on hourly pay rates as of the snapshot date of 5th April 2023. This shows a modest gender pay gap, which suggests that on average males earn moderately more than females in employment Holmes Care Group. 

Below we have identified the factors that we believe contribute to this gap:

  • During this period, Holmes Care Group employed two males in senior positions at Head Office who have a higher salary than most employees across the Company. Whilst there are several females on similar salaries the fact that there are fewer men in the Company means that this male executive’s salary considerably increases the mean average pay rates for all males. 
  • The sample included 128 male employees and 804 female employees at Holmes Care Group. The larger proportion of female employees means that it would require a substantially higher number of females earning equivalent salaries to the male executives to achieve parity in the average female pay rate.

Median gender pay gap

Based on the median (middle) hourly rate of pay for male and female employees in the relevant pay period, there is no pay gap when considering median pay rates. When we look at pay rates for individual roles it is clear that there is no pay gap between males and females; whereby everyone with the same job title is on the same pay rate, regardless of gender.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022-2023 Gender Pay Gap Report 2022-2023.pdf


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Equal Pay Statement 2022 – 2023 Equal Pay Statement 2022 – 2023.pdf


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Kind words from our residents and their families

Baytree Court

Baytree Court is a very relaxed home, pleasant staff and one of the nicest homes I visit, always get a smile. Service users seem happy.

Glenys Newbury - Health Care Community Worker

Almond View Care Home

To all the staff at Almond View - a big thank you for looking after Mum, with such kindness and dedication. Despite living 400 miles away, I always had a good feeling that she was in good hands. When I did visit, the staff without exception, stopped to chat to us even though they were extremely busy. Please accept my heart felt thank you to you all - a real credit to Almond View.


Bankview Care Home

Thank you for the excellent level of care that my father, Frank Boyle, has received. Bankview demonstrated for us the template for a care home and how it should feel and be run. Friendly, welcoming, excellent care levels, length of time staff remain loyal to the home and above all a clear and comforting atmosphere of great leadership.

Barbara and Jan

Social Work Department

Bankview Day care is welcoming and homely, meeting a wide range of needs with well trained staff and individual care for each client.

Bankview Day Care Centre

Bankview Day Care Centre

I understand why mum loves coming to Bank view Day-care it’s a home from home and the activities offered are excellent

J Campbell

Bankview Day Care Centre

The day care centre has made a huge difference to my life. Best thing I ever done, my week was boring now I have days out and shopping trips and good company.

R Burns

Baytree Court Care Home

We can not thank you enough for all the care, support and attention the staff at Baytree Court have given Marc. The staff have always given their time and support to us on visits which has meant a great deal.

Doreen and Yvonne

Beechwood Care Home

Both mum and I were most impressed with Beechwood and we have decided that is where we would like Dad to come to. You have put both mine and mum's minds at rest knowing that Dad will be looked after.

Thank You

Susan Gibson

K Macdonald in memory of my Aunt Jean

I can't exaggerate the admiration I have for the management and staff of Craigielea. I've never experienced so much patience, coaxing, kindness and care. These people share their lives and emotions, laugh and cry and mourn for the people who entrust themselves to care.

Craigielea Care Home

J Ellis in memory of Steve

The staff talked about my best friend being an inspiration to them, despite his illness It made me change my approach with him, instead of being despondent and sad, I spoke with him the way we had always been with each other. The staff saw him as a person.

Craigielea Care Home

Shelagh Goldie

My uncle, who is a retired GP, recently visited Dad on a trip over from Canada and commented that Craigielea is one of the best places he has ever seen in his experience of elderly care units. Very homely, calm, relaxing and wonderful staff. Keep up the fantastic work you do!


Grandholm Care Home

In all my visits I have been most impressed with the Care and Attention shown by all your staff, who are professional and courteous at all times. We are always welcomed with a friendly smile which makes us feel very much part of the home and being involved

J Barber

Grandholm Care Home

Please accept my sincere congratulations for performance and efficiency of Grandholm Care Home. The home provides a very professional, caring and motivational environment with an abundance of patience and understanding. The home is a credit to your team and one of the best in Aberdeen.

I McCormack

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